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A little story

Hi everyone! Los Ardito are a multicultural family; I am from Ecuador, my wife is Colombian and we met in Spain, we emigrated to England 5 years ago and this is where the family grew up. We have two small earthquakes of 4 and 1 year, which require a lot of time and attention.


The idea of ​​starting this recipe blog with our YouTube channel, is to help other people who, like us, do not have much time or space to cook, but who care about the quality of food and enjoy the flavors as much as we do ..


It really is a passion to eat good!


I am a chef by profession; From a young age I dedicated myself to cooking and I have been there for many years, working in very busy restaurants and where the preparation prior to the start of the service was long and tedious. This led me to rethink the way I cook, and I began to be inspired by quick recipes that would not ignore the taste and that could be compared to those that take hours.


My wife is a physiotherapist, a woman dedicated to helping people who seek her and among them, I am the first. I came up with this idea, and she supported me from the beginning, and here we are, doing everything for ourselves. She is the director, cameraman, in charge of correcting the texts I publish and also the English voice of the videos. I take care of the kitchen of course, but I also edit my videos, I speak in Spanish and I am a fan of photography.


We really hope you enjoy this project like us, support us by sharing our videos, but above all share with us photos or videos of what you do inspired by this channel.


See you next week with more recipes !!

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