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Homemade Creole Chorizos, Argentina

There is so much variety of sausages, that in all supermarkets there is a section just for them. Well today I will teach you how to make the best Argentine Creole sausages, from the hand of my friend Rigo Luchi.

Hello everyone, today we will prepare creole sausages from scratch. You can eat these sausages immediately, keep them in the fridge for 5 days or freeze them for months. They are super simple, they come out a lot and the process of making them is fun, especially if you are with friends or family.


6mt pork casing

800g smoked streaky bacon

1600g beef mince

1600g pork mince

6 onions

4 bell peppers

1 head of garlic

2g oregano

2g nutmeg

400ml white wine

8g hot paprika

8g black pepper

20g sugar

100g salt

This recipe is designed to make 4 kilos of chorizo and the amount you get will depend on the size you make them. We made them more or less than 100g each and 40 came out.


The first step is to hydrate the pork casing, so put it in a large bowl of water to soak for about 1 hour. Keep this step in mind for you to do before you want to start preparing the meat.

Second, start chopping the onions and peppers very small. Then crush or cut the garlic as small as possible and do the same with the bacon.

Now put the white wine in a pot to cook, when it starts to boil add the ground garlic and let it rest.

Meanwhile in a large bowl, add the ground beef and pork, the bacon, bell peppers, onion, oregano, nutmeg, pepper, paprika, sugar, salt and finally the mixture of white wine and garlic.

Mix everything very well with your hands and that's it, the meat is ready to be stuffed into the gut and start shaping the sausages.

If you don't have a sausage stuffer, let me tell you that you can make meatballs or hamburger meat that you can then freeze.

But if you have a the machine, put the pork casing around the stuffing nozzle, tie the end with a bit of kitchen thread and turn on the machine. Start stuffing slowly, allowing the machine to fill the casing but without forcing or super-filling it, since the casing is delicate and if you put a lot of meat under pressure, it could end up bursting.

Meanwhile start rolling the chorizo on the bottom so it doesn't slip and keep it under control. When you are near the other end of the casing, close it with another piece of kitchen thread. Fill all the guts with the meat you have. We use 5.5 mt of casing. Tie the chorizos depending on the size you want to make and that's it!

It's time to enjoy them with your friends, on a grill, with beers and the best cooking videos. Arditos Kitchen!

As we always say:

If your plate doesn't look like our image, don't worry! We spent over 40 minutes trying to find the perfect angle for the photo.

If you don't have one of the ingredients on the list or don't like something, don't hesitate to replace it.

This recipe is only a guide, and you can adapt it to your tastes. So do not stop making it, you will be surprised how delicious it is!

Remember: "Practice makes perfect"

You can see how we did it in this video and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel Arditos Kitchen:

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