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Pico de Gallo Sauce

Pico de gallo, is a Mexican sauce that is also known as fresh sauce or raw sauce. It is very easy to make and you can add or not spicy for everyone in your house to enjoy!

Hello everyone, today we will prepare a super easy fresh sauce, with which you can accompany salads, soups or even eat it with corn chips. This recipe only takes 5-10 minutes (depending on your ability to cut vegetables with the knife)


2 tomatoes

1 onion (can be any onion)

1 bunch of coriander

1 or 2 lemons

1 chili (optional)

This recipe will give you a small bowl of sauce, so double or triple the amounts because it is going to end very soon!


Start by cutting the onion very thin, remember that you can use any onion. Then cut the tomatoes into small cubes, then cut the coriander, but not too small to show when you are eating the sauce. Put everything in a bowl, season with salt and the juice of one lemon. Mix very well and that's it! your sauce will be ready to enjoy.

The chili is optional, if you want to add it, cut it super tiny and add it to the sauce.

As we always say:

If your sauce doesn't look like our picture, don't worry! We spent over 40 minutes trying to find the perfect angle for the photo.

This recipe is just a guide, and you can adapt it to your tastes. So do not stop making it, you will be surprised how delicious it is!

If you are a spicy lover, add as much chili as you dare.

Remember: "Practice makes perfect"

You can see how we did it in this video:

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