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Smoked beef ribs

Long time ago, I tried to be vegan with my family, however one day I tried meat again and I have not been able to stop since then.

Hello everyone, today we will prepare some spectacular grilled ribs, smoked with apple firewood and we will accompany them with some delicious fries.


2 pieces of beef Short Ribs

1 tablespoon garlic powder

1 tablespoon of salt

1 tablespoon ground black pepper


French Fries with Bacon and Mozzarella

Potato chips

20 strips of smoked bacon

400gr of grated mozzarella


For this recipe we will NOT remove the membrane that covers the ribs on the inside. So start by spreading the mustard on the rack of ribs on all sides and then sprinkle a thin layer of salt, pepper and garlic powder trying to cover it all over.

Now turn on your smoker, grill or oven if it is raining (as it often happens to me in the UK), add apple wood and place your ribs (if you are using a grill, place the ribs over indirect heat). Do not forget to make a mixture of water, rum and bay leaves to hydrate the meat every 45 minutes. If you don't like rum, you can replace it with beer, cider, or even just use water.

Once the ribs has an internal temperature of 73ºC, wrap them very well in aluminum foil and add a little water inside the package to keep the meat hydrated. Put it back on the grill with temperatures between 120 to 145ºC until reaching 95ºC internally, then remove it and let it rest for an hour. if you want you can reheat the ribs a little or brown them a little more when serving. Remember to save the meat juices to bathe them when heating them or you can even freeze the juices to use them in other recipes.

To accompany these spectacular ribs, we will make fries with bacon and cheese, all you have to do is fry the potatoes according to the instructions on the package, then cut the bacon into strips and grill. Spoon all the bacon you want on top of the potatoes and top with all the grated cheese. Put everything in the oven or grill with the lid and remove it when the cheese is completely melted.

Now you just have to enjoy, you can cut the ribs individually or cut them into slices to make bagel sandwiches taking advantage of the meat juices.

As we always say:

If your plate doesn't look like our picture, don't worry! We spent over 40 minutes trying to find the perfect angle for the photo.

This recipe is only a guide, and you can adapt it to your tastes. So don't stop making it, you will be surprised how delicious it is!

Remember: "Practice makes perfect"

You can see how we did it in this video and don't forget to subscribe to our Arditos Kitchen YouTube channel:


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